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Paper Cranes Update Log

I'll explain everything to the geeks

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This is a space where Kotono logs all updates for her sites and shrines.

» the network
Paper Cranes, the collective for which this update log functions, is run by Laurel (swallowthelake), who often goes by the moniker Kotono when dealing with fandom. Ko made her first shrine in the spring of 2000, and she hasn't stopped since. Paper Cranes, subtitled the Silk Dawn Network (and occasionally the Shoujo Love Network depending on mood), is undergoing its fifth resurrection. It is composed mostly of shrines constructed in the most old-school way possible, though lately it has come to include a few stand-alone fanlistings as well. It also focuses almost exclusively on animanga.

» the fandom
Shrines subjects currently include Sailorjupiter and Sailorpluto from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, Kaitou Ace from Codename: Sailor V, and Eagle Vision from Magic Knight Rayearth. Fanlisting subjects include Makoto + Nephrite, Rei + Jadeite, Ami + Zoisite, and Kaitou Ace. Ko stopped promising new things long ago, but she flirts with the ideas of creating tributes to Cowboy Bebop and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

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